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March 09 2011

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There's a guy in the crowd wearing Ukki's animal outfit lmfao
Tags: 9nine

March 08 2011

Uki sheds a tear over birthday wishes - today's event had surprise cake to celebrate her 19th and Umika's 17th.

Also, Umika related how she was feeling a bit uneasy about how the rest of the 9nine girls seemed to have forgotten her birthday...'I didn't get any presents from them, even though I had already gotten one for Uki...I got so worried I ended up having a little heart-to-heart with my mom'. LOL
[11.03.08]9nine SHINING☆STAR release event @ Ikebukuro Sunshine City
Birthday cake from today's event.

March 03 2011


March 02 2011

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The Uu-team (うー組) fall out Amuro Ray style.

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